July 02, 2009

Default IP List some Routers

Want to configure some router but you don't have any idea what is their default set such as ip address, username n password? this list may help u as i do:
passwd: 1234

username : admin, password:1234

3Com default password admin

Linksys default user - (blank), password - admin
or default user admin Password is "password"

Broadmax UHP ADSL modem -

D-Link default user - admin, password - (blank)

Netgear default user/password admin / password

Homeportal DSL modem

Westell DSL 2100 modem

SMC barricade SMC7004ABR although it should be the same accross the range
no user name
password = blank by default

Motorola Surfboard 4100 and 3100 ip:

USR 8000A broadband router ip

Belkin router the access IP is with a default user name "admin" and a blank password.

Compaq CP-2W
username= admin
password= (blank)
IP address
IP range -254

Correct me if i wrong, thanks.

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