June 13, 2009

Perabotan Lenong

Those r my daily stuff...
can't leave without them.
They are:
-backpack to carry them all
-note book
-My Life book Fujitsu FMV-820NA love this stuff a lot
it has many serial port, irDA adapter, double pcmcia port, vga etc.
and fast enough with processor 2,4 GHz and 256 Mb SDRAM
-Bluetooth adapter to conect with my mobile device samsung SGH x-700 to
mobile access internet
-cable data to conect my mobile device or recharge it
-marker red, blue, black, silver and gold.
-flash disk 4GB, im lack of free space on my fujitsu
-STP cable set in cross and straight to remote network device such as
router and radio wireless.

-screwdriver, card reader All in 1, firewire 2 usb cable, cable dongle 8
pin, IDE cable 40 pin.

they r all my daily stuff... its really important 2 me.

Bkshe June 13th 2009

in my living room with dial up conection :(

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